In factory farms, automation of production processes plays an important role. Egg collection can be manual, where the farm operators collect the egg from the nest (in small free range or ecological egg farms) and automated egg collection which collects the egg from the cage and moves it to an identification, grading and packing point. Automated egg collection is much more efficient than manual egg collection, guarantees better quality (less broken eggs) and is indispensable in industrial poultry farms.

Automation of egg collection

Types of automated egg collection systems

Longitudinal collection

This is the collection of eggs from the cages. It is carried out by means of a polypropylene and polyester belt that collects eggs from each row of cages and deposits them in the Lift.


This is the most popular system. It consists of collecting eggs from all levels (tiers of cages) at the same time. In this way the eggs from each production level end up at the same point, which saves a lot of space.


This is a modern and practical way of egg collection. It works with a driving column like a lift. It collects the eggs from each of the production levels and maintains stability during the process.


This is the egg conveyor with mechanisms that regulate the tension by means of a uniform and balanced distribution of loads, which is used to transport the collected eggs to the grader or warehouse.

Distribution tables

This is an alternative system for collecting eggs from one or two conveyors and distributing them to different conveyors by means of a system of deflectors. It is especially useful if eggs need to be transported to different destinations.

Automatic egg management

Sorting machine

A machine that sorts eggs by weight and registers them, helping to improve the production of poultry farms. Graders allow to count the daily eggs and thus to know the balance of the production.

Egg counter

It is an innovative system that provides real time information on egg production at any time and by tape. The egg counter makes it possible to detect and locate problems on a farm in a matter of seconds and take immediate action.


Egg packing is an important production process and must be hygienic and efficient. Egg packers are more efficient than operators and are essential on poultry farms with a high volume of production.

Egg breaker

Eggs with damaged or cracked shells can be used perfectly well for egg products. The function of egg breakers is to separate the shells from the liquids. There are also other models that separate the egg whites from the yolks.

Automation of egg collection

Technology and innovation help the poultry industry to have an efficient and interrupted production. At Ganal we have our own designs for egg collection systems. If you need advice on automatic egg collection equipment for your farm, our team will be happy to assist you.

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