Cages for laying hens, such as the GANAL PROFIT model, are made of galvanised steel, which guarantees good quality and durability. The height of the legs is adjustable and the cage can have several tiers.
Comfortable enclosure for the hens which guarantees maximum productivity. According to European standards, each bird must have 750cm2 of space. In this case the PROFIT cage has a capacity of 56 hens per floor.

The design of the PROFIT cage allows the eggs to come out easily, making them cleaner and reducing the breakage rate. Eggs can be collected thanks to the egg wheel system which collects eggs from all floors simultaneously or the lift system which collects eggs individually from each floor. The egg conveyor transports the eggs from the collection belts to the classifier or warehouse. The GANAL conveyor is the most valued conveyor on the market, thanks to its great reliability and robustness it successfully completes any type of curve, level changes and auxiliary columns.

cages for laying hens

A smaller distance between supports in all its elements (trough, floor, legs) provides more stability for the cage. The external feeder means a 17% saving in feed. It has a trotter system for automatic feed distribution, which also guarantees efficient feed dosage.

The automatic cleaning system ensures that the manure is removed from the outside of the house. Longitudinal manure conveyors are available for all types of cages. Their function is to collect the manure on the conveyor belts, which are located under the mesh floor on which the birds stand.

The durability of our cages is proven by specific cases of our customers who have had the same cages for 20-30 years. We also offer spare parts and repairs if necessary.

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