Excellence in infeed conveying: GANAL’s continuous spiral infeed conveyor and its unique features

n industry, optimizing food conveying is essential to ensure efficient and safe production. That’s why we at GANAL offer a continuous spiral infeed conveyor with customized features that make your system stand out from the competition.

In this blog, we’ll explore the impressive features of this conveyor, from its fully customized design to its simple and robust motricity, making it an exceptional choice for a variety of industrial applications.

Continuous spiral infeed conveyor features

Fully customized design

One of the main strengths of GANAL’s continuous spiral feed conveyor is its fully customized design. Each project is individually tailored to specific industry needs and company requirements.

From size to materials and configuration, GANAL is committed to providing tailor-made solutions that maximize efficiency and performance in food conveying.

Robust simplicity and motricity

The GANAL conveyor stands out for its combination of robustness and simplicity. Its solid, rugged design ensures long service life and durable performance. In addition, its operational simplicity facilitates maintenance and daily operation, resulting in reduced downtime and maintenance costs.

The conveyor’s drive also plays a crucial role in its performance. With a simple and robust drive system, the conveyor ensures a smooth and constant movement of food, avoiding jams and problems in the production line.

Adaptable to any space and easy to clean

GANAL’s continuous spiral conveyor is highly adaptable to any production space. Its flexible design allows it to be installed in areas with space limitations, making it a convenient solution for different plant configurations.

Ease of cleaning is also an essential feature for the food industry. GANAL has taken this aspect into account when developing its conveyor, ensuring that materials and components are easy to clean and meet the strictest hygiene standards.

Intelligent drive and airflow distribution system

The GANAL conveyor features an intelligent drive system, which allows for efficient and precise management of the food flow. This results in a uniform and controlled distribution, optimizing system performance and reducing waste.

In addition, the possibility of any air circulation distribution provides adequate ventilation to the conveyed food, helping to maintain its quality and freshness during the process.

Flexibility and adaptable support mesh

GANAL’s continuous spiral conveyor stands out for its versatility. It offers the possibility of inserting several independent circuits in the same structure block, allowing it to adapt to different production flows and specific needs.

In addition, the supporting mesh is adaptable to any type of food product. This guarantees safe and accurate food handling, preventing damage and ensuring that the food reaches its destination in perfect condition.

Having explained all its features, we can conclude that GANAL’s continuous spiral infeed conveyor is an exceptional choice for the food industry. Its fully customized features, its robust simplicity and motricity, its adaptability to any space, its easy cleaning and its intelligent flow distribution system make it a reliable and efficient food conveying solution.

From GANAL we offer a wide variety of food products that allow you to optimize your work and, at the same time, offer the highest possible quality in food transportation. Do not hesitate any longer, contact us to optimize your production!

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