GANAL Poultry Equipment presents itself as a company with a large experience in the poultry industry. Founded in 1953 by Hermenegildo Soria and Gustavo Gomez-Lechon, the company has already incorporated the second family generation, who contineous investing in quality as the main purpose and identity of the company and a personalised care and attention to our customers worldwide.

Based in the coastal village of Silla in Valencia, the company counts with more than 15.000 m2 dedicated to the design, development, manufacturing and installation of top technical equipment for the poultry industry, and an important R&D Department leading the European poultry equipment suppliers segment.

GANAL Poultry Equipment, dedicated exclusively to the poultry segment at a national and international scale designs, tests and manufactures all its products in our compounds, which allows us to become experts in our technology giving solutions and competitivity to our customers.