All cages components are made of first class galvanized materials which provides a high corrosion protection and a long service life.

The partitions walls are made with flat sheet metal. Metallic perforated flooring is designed to give broilers a clean, healthy and comfortable place to live.

Doors are made of slender sticks galvanized designed for an easy access to the department, and can be opened easily from both sides of the cage. Quick and easy to operate locked door. Cages are designed to avoid escape of birds at any age.

Drinking system: by means of plastic tubes, with multidirectional stainless steel nipples drinkers. Each nipple drinker include a plastic onearm cup to prevent water spillage.

Each tier has a plastic water tank (treated against waterweed) located at front devices area for water distribution to start lines, and hoses to distribute water from tanks to plastic pipes.

Variable drinking system which moves up and down water pipes depending the age of birds. Feet of cages are adjustable in height.

Automatic system to movingout the broilers; Pivoting floor technology ( no need to take out the floor ) permits the broilers slide onto the manure belt for the transport of the broilers to the end of the system where they are transferred on to the lift cross conveyor which is automatically situated in the right tier to transport the birds at the side of the house.