Egg Collection System

GANAL Conveyor

Conveyor chain made of special shaped galvanized and calibrated rod links, no welding. Links are made one-piece and they don't need special connectors or any kind of hand tools to join them at any point of the circuit. Balanced load distribution in curves. Slide straps and drive gear design in order to achieve smooth running and minimum maintenance.


Automatic longitudinal egg collection by means of elevator system ""NORIA"" permit to collect eggs from all tiers simultaneously.


GANAL LIFT system includes a motorized column and the rest of driven columns. Each tier has an independent motor and ATS mechanisms to control egg belts, to allow collect each tier separately.

Recogida automática de huevos longitudinal, mediante el sistema LIFT-GANAL de ascensor, compuesto por una columna motriz y el resto de columnas conducidas.