Two models : Standard & Wide.

You will enjoy a higher performance of your pullets due to the unique features of the Ganal rearing cage. A compact system with a easy and efficient management and durability for a optimum development of the pullets.

GANAL rearing cage has been designed to give the pullets a clean and confortable place to live. CAGES are made of first class galvanized wire mesh, with metal bar supports at the floor, which guarantees long lasting durability bars to strengthen the floor. Both the floor, inside partitions and roof wire mesh are galvanized. The partitions walls are made with flat sheet metal for a better protection of the pullets.

Doors are made of slender sticks galvanized designed for an easy access to the department, and can be opened easily from both sides of the cage.

Feet of cages are adjustable in height.

Each cell is provided with a metal defense made of galvanized sheet, in which there are metallic scratchers

Drinking system: by means of plastic tubes, with multidirectional stainless steel nipples drinkers. Each nipple drinker include a plastic one-arm cup to collect water drops.

Variable drinking system which moves up and down water pipes depending the age of pullets.

Cages are equipped with big size feeding troughs to avoid the loss of feed. Pullets have gradual access from their first days to the feed by mean of a hand lever situated at front devices area which moves bar up and down (when pullets grow up, access cross-bar goes down and the pullets get feed easily from upper part)

Ganal feeding system can be equipped with Feeding trolleys or Chain feed system for automatic distribution of feed. They can be fitted easily by the farmer in order to give the desired quantity of feed. The feeding sysem is reliable, durable, and maintenance free.

CENTRAL MANURE CLEANING SYSTEM: Manure is removed automatically from all tiers on Polypropyleme manure belts. Ganal system has mechanisms and tensiles in the upper ends of the rows, each with a 2 HP motor. These mechanisms are closed by metal doors with handles in order to check easily manure cleaning. There is a metal scratcher covered with a plastic line in each tier to clean manure bands and to block the way to manure between bands. Plastic bands made of copolymer per tier.

MODELO DE JAULA E10 Longitud de jaula = 3360 mm
ALTURA 3 Pisos 4 Pisos 5 Pisos 6 Pisos
2430 3080 3730 4380
MODELO DE JAULA E10A Longitud de jaula = 3360 mm
ALTURA 3 Pisos 4 Pisos 5 Pisos 6 Pisos
2430 3080 3730 4380