Ganal studies each facility to better optimize production and profitability.

Exhaust fans.

Windows. In Ganal we have two types of windows: The window type or doubleskinned galvanized sheet, sash called "Damper", and type of casement window 180cm in length, with different possibilities in material and finishing.

Both types of windows have an emergency system, in case of power outage windows open automatically allowing the entry of air to the recovery of electricity, when the windows are closed automatically, if necessary.

Pad cooling. With the pad cooling system it is impossible to oversaturate the air, so condensation inside the house never occurs because, in addition, any object on the surface could take place, it will always found, in principle, a higher temperature the treated air.

Ceiling ridge. Regardless of what other firms propose to solve the ventilation of winter, we advise exploit the metabolic waste thermal energy of the birds, which is given us free to air much of the year as the weather permits, and use only to enforced when the previous accrued impracticable.

Chimenies & fog system. With artificial fog is very easy to produce interior condensation, because the fog generated evaporate usually takes more time available before the air flows that crawl teams found installation. Therefore, maturing in land better accept the artificial fog cages facilities.

In their manufacture they have been employed the safest parts of the market that allow a total guarantee of continuous functionality, seamless throughout the summer season. Except for the fan, which is optional, all components of GANAL Cooler are solved with stainless steel galvanized sheet. They can instinctively simply be used for both fan to ventilate and cool simultaneously.