In Europe, broilers and especially turkeys are raised on the ground. At first sight it may seem that setting up a broiler or turkey farm is very simple and does not require much investment. However, different types of equipment are necessary to be able to guarantee animal welfare as well as production performance.

Equipment for turkeys

Climate control

Farm ventilation consists of renewing the air inside the house and adjusting the air coming from outside to the correct conditions for the good development and growth of the animals. To calculate the amount and type of equipment needed, it is necessary to assess the climatic conditions of the area, the size of the house, the number and weight of the birds and other factors. The types of climate control:

Natural ventilation

This form of ventilation is recommended for mild climates. They are air inlets (windows) through which outside air enters the house.

Cooling systems

These consist of cooling panels that evaporate water, reducing the air temperature but increasing the humidity.

Mechanical ventilation

Fans must be placed at one end of the building and the air inlets on the opposite side to create a “tunnel effect”. There are 2 types of fans: for minimum ventilation (12,000 m3/h) and for maximum ventilation (40,000 m3/h).


Heating systems are normally used in cold climate areas or in the early life of chicks or turkeys. The heaters can be gas, diesel or oil fired.


The measurement of temperature, humidity, CO2 and ammonia is essential to know if the house environment is healthy for the birds. There are also other sensors for water pressure, light, etc. that can help to maintain the correct functioning of equipment.


Adequate lighting is very important for the development of animals. Consideration should be given to light intensity, correct distribution and uniformity of illumination, wavelength. Nowadays most farms already use LED technology.

Feeding and drinking systems

Equipment for broilers


Feeding troughs can be manual or automatic (automated feed delivery). Nowadays most farms want to have the house as automated as possible and opt for automatic feeders. There is a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but the most popular is a round trough with a diameter of about 33cm. The feeders are progressive and adapt to the age of the bird.


The drinker system should be fitted with pressure pumps, slope levellers, chlorine filters and medicine dispensers. The drinking lines are automatic and provide the animals with fresh, clean water through nipples.


Feed for broilers or turkeys is stored in the outside silos which automatically supply the automatic feeding lines inside the house by means of conveyor belts or auger pipes.

Water tank

Water supply is of vital importance for the animals. In many countries, due to water problems, it is necessary to have a water tank in order not to be dependent on a single supplier.

This is the type of equipment that every broiler or turkey farm needs, but the amount and characteristics of equipment will depend on many factors. Only professionals in each area can advise on what specific equipment you need. Ganal collaborates with Munters, world leaders in climate control, Hato Lighting, experts in efficient lighting, Corti Zootecnici, manufacturers of feeders and drinkers, and others. If you need complete solutions for your broiler and turkey farm, our team will be happy to help. 

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