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Bimbo Food Sevilla

The customer’s need: to expand and modernise the production facilities.

The solution: IQF continuous spiral cooling and fermentation tunnels/transporters for foodstuffs.

Grupo Bimbo bet on Ganal on several occasions. The first food conveyor installation for Bimbo was installed in 1995 in the Canary Islands.

In 1996 we manufactured a 180 m V6 conveyor for Donuts in Vitoria. In 1997 we installed a 235 m conveyor for Donuts in Asturias.

In 1999 we installed a 130 m conveyor for La Bella Easo in Zaragoza and manufactured a 265 m conveyor for Donuts in Malaga.

Success stories: Bimbo

The Bimbo Group. It is a Mexican multinational company founded in 1945 with a presence in 33 countries around the world and an annual turnover of 15 billion dollars. Grupo Bimbo has more than 100 brands and more than 13,000 products. Bimbo entered Spain in 1965 and has been part of Grupo Bimbo since 2011. Donuts is one of its flagship products.

In 2000 we manufactured a 200 m conveyor tunnel for Donuts in Tenerife. In 2001 we built a 200 m installation for Bimbo in Seville and a 290 m conveyor for Donuts in Santiago.

In 2004 we reformed the Bimbo factory in Granollers (Catalonia) by installing a 665 m conveyor. In total we have manufactured more than 2 km of food conveyor for them.

The quality and durability of our spiral tunnels allowed Grupo Bimbo to grow and establish positions in the food sector in Spain. We are proud to be able to support this great brand in its growth.

Tunnel freezers

Designed for quick freezing of foodstuffs, ensuring their quality and preservation.

Fully customised design.

We adapt to the needs of your project.

Adaptable to any space.

Design that allows it to adapt to all types of spaces.

Easy to clean.

Easy to clean and disinfect system.

freezing tunnel 2

Food conveyors

Our new modular belt design system adjusts to the needs of each of our customers and to the different production lines.

food conveyor

Easy assembly

Construction that facilitates any type of assembly.

Simple cleaning

Simple and effective cleaning food conveyor.

High resistance

Capable of withstanding extreme temperatures.

Spare parts

We offer the spare parts safety pack to prevent any incident in your production. Enter your email or WhatsApp to receive our spare parts catalogue.

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