Ganal presents itself as an industrial engineering company backed by years of experience.


1953 GANAL is born in a small workshop in Valencia

Founded in 1953 in a small workshop, it has established itself nationally and internationally. 70 years later, a third generation has joined the company and is still committed to quality and personalised customer service.

1955 - 1972
GANAL was born in a small workshop of incubators in Valencia. Launches equipment for livestock in general, specialising in poultry, pig and rabbit farming. Production for the mass market begins. The company moves to Silla. Presence at trade fairs with its own stand. Manufacture of poultry facilities (cages type A, California).
1979 - 1983
New models of laying hens cage type H (A30, A01, A32). Development of new product - food conveyor.
1983 - 1992
Launch of egg conveyor with great success in the USA. New design of rearing cage (E74).
2007 - 2013
Change of the food conveyor chain drive. A new food conveyor safety system is incorporated. Development of new models of E10 rearing cages, P15 layers and CVR type 2 and 3 convertible system.
2020 - 2022
The Cavero family acquires 100% of the company's shares, which is a boost for the business. New modular belt system is implemented on the food conveyor. Launch of aviary Averta.

Our team

We have our own Research, Development and Innovation department and professionals in the areas of business administration, sales and marketing.

Alberto Cavero

CEO (Executive Director)

Julian Cavero

COO (Chief Operating Officer)

Azul Limón

Marketing and communication


Manuel López

R&D (Research and development)

Gema Prieto

Administration Manager

Baldomero Domínguez

After-sales and technical service

Professionalism, experience and personalised service

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