Egg collection

Egg collection systems for poultry farms consist of the following elements:

– Longitudinal egg collection.
– “Lift” or collection of eggs by floor with elevator.
– Simultaneous tier collection with elevator.
– Egg transporter or “conveyor”.
– Distribution tables.

Longitudinal collection

The eggs are collected longitudinally by means of a belt made of polypropylene and polyester, with a width between 50 and 350 mm, which collects the eggs that fall down the slope of the floors from end to end of the rows, and deposits them in the waterwheel or the lift.


Automatic longitudinal egg collection, by means of the LIFT-GANAL lift system, consisting of a driving column and the rest of the driven columns. The lift collects the eggs provided by the longitudinal collection belts on each of the floors of all the rows of cages to bring them to the beginning of the egg conveyor. It is placed in a transverse position at the head of the cage rows.


The GANAL Noria allows eggs to be collected from all floors simultaneously by means of a belt elevator with combs that collects the eggs provided by the longitudinal belts from all floors and deposits them on the main conveyor.



The egg conveyor transports the eggs from the collection belts to the grader or warehouse.

The GANAL egg conveyor is the star product of the brand, the most valued on the market, thanks to its great reliability and robustness it successfully completes any type of curve, level changes and auxiliary columns.

We manufacture customised designs adapted to the client’s needs.

In 2013 we manufactured the world’s longest conveyor measuring more than 2 km for the customer Valley Fresh in Canada.

egg transporter

Distribution tables

The GANAL distribution table allows eggs to be collected from one or two conveyors at the same time and distributed alternately or simultaneously onto one or two conveyors by a deflector system.

egg transporter

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