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Pullet rearing

The GROW cage model is designed for the rearing and rearing of pullets in the traditional system and for comfortable bird handling.

Cage for laying hens

Facilities for the birds during the laying period with the necessary equipment to ensure their comfort.

Cage for

The cages are made of all galvanised materials to ensure their durability. Quality and greater comfort for the birds.

Rearing cages for

The rearing cage model GROW is designed for the rearing of pullets in the traditional system, and for the comfortable handling of the birds thanks to its sliding doors.
Moreover, it offers an optimal use of the feed, as the feeding and drinking systems are adapted to the growth of the birds.

Drinking troughs

  • Plastic pipes inside the cells.
  • Cells with 3 multidirectional stainless steel screw nipples. Possibility of manually adjusting the height of the nipples according to the growth of the birds.
  • Single-arm plastic drip cup nipples. One water tank per floor with 3 outlets and a pipe for water distribution to the pipes.
  • Medicine dispenser.


  • Galvanised steel structure.
  • Floor reinforcement wires.
  • Galvanised ¾ inch mesh.
  • Smooth sheet metal partitions.
  • Galvanised anti-leakage doors with easy-to-use locks.
  • Height adjustable feet.

Feeding troughs

  • Feeding troughs 0.8 mm thick and large size to prevent feed loss.
  • Front with adjustable system. Allows the chicks to access the feeder from the first day of life. Feeder support made of 2 mm thick galvanised sheet metal.
  • Feeding system with skids for levelling and homogenising the feed in the troughs.
  • Feeding system with levelling skids and homogenisation of the feed in the troughs. Easily adjustable to distribute the desired amount of feed

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Cage for
laying hens

The cages, as housing for the birds during the entire laying period, have the following requirements:

  • Comfortable enclosure for the animals, easy to handle for the poultry farmer, easy to clean and durable over time.
  • Automated feed and water supply systems.
  • Robust and safe stainless-steel systems for the removal of manure from the outside of the housing.
  • Systems that facilitate clean and unbroken egg collection and treatment.
  • Egg blowing system.

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Aviary for
laying hens

Equipment for hen farms on the ground. Equipment for hen farms on the ground. It is a system designed for animal welfare that complies with the regulations for aviary cage installations according to the European Union.

These are installations for free birds in poultry farms that have the necessary to guarantee the comfort of the birds: nest, perches, digging area.

The structure is made of thick, high quality galvanised material. The nest is made of comfortable material and the latest Astroturf technology, easy to clean and located in a suitable area to avoid laying eggs on the ground.

Why choose the Ganal nest?

  • Hi-tech Astroturf flooring (Nesting pad).
  • Increased productivity.
  • Lighting and climate control help to have a low percentage of eggs out of the nest.
  • Easy cleaning ensures better hygiene and prevents pests such as fleas.
  • Good health and low aggressiveness of the hens.
  • Innovative nest opening and closing design.

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Cage for

The cages are made of galvanised materials.
The partition walls are made of smooth sheet metal and the floors are made of perforated galvanised sheet metal for the birds' comfort.

The doors are made of galvanised rods, which allow partial opening from both sides of the cage, with an easy and quick to operate door locking system. They are designed with a several rods to prevent birds escaping at any age.

The drinking system is made by means of plastic pipes inside the cells, which incorporate multidirectional threaded nipples in each cell, each nipple has a plastic drip cup.

Each floor has a water tank incorporated in the front mechanisms, with outlets to distribute the water to the plastic pipes.

Manual lifting system for the water pipes, to allow access to the birds depending on their age. The feet of the cages are adjustable in height.

Automatic broiler extraction system, by means of levers that swing the floors (without the need to extract the floors to the aisle area), and the broilers fall onto the poultry litter belt transporting them to the end of the row, and there the cross-conveyor belt is mechanically placed on the corresponding floor, transporting them to the side end of the building.

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