The importance of proper lighting on poultry farms: Benefits for poultry welfare and productivity

Good lighting is an essential factor for success in poultry operations. It is not simply a matter of providing light to the birds, but of creating an optimal environment that promotes their welfare, health and performance. That’s why we at GANAL understand the importance of lighting and offer lighting systems designed specifically for the needs of poultry.

In this blog, we will explore the benefits of proper lighting on poultry farms and how GANAL lighting systems can make a difference in the success of your poultry farm.

How does lighting affect hen welfare and behavior?

Proper lighting plays a crucial role in bird welfare. Providing a proper light cycle, with well-defined light and dark periods, helps to maintain a balance in the birds’ circadian rhythm. In this way, hens can rest properly, thus avoiding potential behavioral disorders, such as stress and pecking, that can occur when the light cycle is not adequate.

More efficient light, increased growth and development

Adequate lighting also has a positive impact on bird growth and development. Light is an important stimulus for the development of the endocrine system, which influences the production of hormones such as melatonin. These hormones are critical in regulating important biological processes such as sexual maturation, egg production and overall growth.

Improved egg production

Optimal lighting in your poultry operation has a direct impact on egg production. Maintaining a proper light cycle greatly influences the frequency and quality of egg production.

Lighting can also be used to modify the laying cycle and stimulate higher production at certain times of the year when laying is lower.

Reducing cannibalism and abnormal behaviors

Inadequate lighting can lead to the development of abnormal behaviors in birds, such as cannibalism and pecking. Poor lighting can increase stress levels in birds, which in turn can trigger these aggressive behaviors. However, proper lighting helps keep birds calmer and happier, reducing the incidence of unwanted behaviors.

GANAL lighting systems: An efficient solution

GANAL offers lighting systems specially designed to address the needs of poultry farms. These systems provide:

– Precise control of the light cycle: GANAL lighting systems allow precise control of the light cycle, ensuring that birds receive the right amount of light and darkness depending on their stage of growth and production.

– Energy savings: GANAL systems are designed to be energy efficient, which helps reduce operating costs on the poultry farm.

– Durability and resistance: GANAL lighting systems are manufactured with high quality materials, ensuring durability and resistance in demanding poultry environments.

– Customization: GANAL offers customized solutions for each poultry farm, adapting the lighting to the specific needs of each farm.

The importance of good lighting on poultry farms cannot be underestimated. Proper lighting not only contributes to the well-being and health of the birds, but also influences their growth, development and productivity.

GANAL lighting systems of Hontech-Wins provide an efficient and customized solution, helping poultry producers create an optimal environment for their birds and improve overall farm performance. If you are looking for quality lighting for your poultry operation, GANAL is your reliable partner to achieve success in your poultry business.

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