Cleaning systems

Poultry manure cleaning and treatment systems for poultry production.


The transversal conveyor collects the poultry manure from the longitudinal conveyors. It is installed inside, specifically built for this purpose. It is installed in a purpose-built pit.


Longitudinal poultry manure conveyors are available for all types of poultry installations: laying hens, pullets, etc.

There is a manure conveyor for each floor of each of the rows of cages. It performs the following functions:

Collection of manure on the conveyor belts, which are located under the mesh floor on which the birds stand.

Partial drying by evaporation of the deposited poultry manure.

Transport of poultry manure for subsequent extraction.


The lifting conveyor picks up the poultry manure from the transversal conveyor to extract it from the installation, raising it to a height that allows it to be loaded onto a trailer.

Drying of poultry manure

The poultry manure can be dried to convert it into organic fertiliser or fuel. The hot air required for the drying process is obtained from the air in the barn or from waste heat from electricity generation.

Dryers are used for the drying of poultry manure with the help of hot air from the barn. This is a sustainable way of processing poultry manure, which results in considerable energy cost savings and reduced transport, storage and processing costs.

livestock manure treatment

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