If you have decided to set up a poultry farm, we advise you on what equipment you may need. The equipment will be different for laying hens and broilers. So, you must first be clear about what you are going to produce.

Types of poultry farms

– Broilers.

– Laying hens.

– Free range hens.

– Chick rearing.

Farm equipment for broilers

Broilers can be raised in cages or on the floor.

If you are going to produce in cages, you need:

  • Broiler cage, e.g. model Broiler.
  • Watering systems inside the cells.
  • Feeding system (trotter or chain).
  • Cleaning system. Poultry manure belt.

–     Climate control system (extractors, cellulose panels, temperature, humidity and ammonia sensors).

–  Lighting system.

If you are going to raise chickens on the floor, you will need different feeding and drinking systems, e.g. from Corti Zootecnici.

Broilers farm

Farm equipment for laying hens

– Cage for laying hens, e.g. model Profit.

– Drinking systems inside the houses.

– Feeding system (trotter or chain).

– Cleaning system.

– Egg collection system (lift, noria).

– Egg conveyor.

– Air climate control system.

– Lighting system.

Farm equipment for free-range hens

Nowadays we are experiencing a transformation of the egg industry which is focussing on animal welfare and more and more farms are moving to a cage-free system. According to European regulations from the year 2027 all hens in European countries will have to be kept on the floor. For this type of farm you will need:

Aviary and nest box.

– Perches.

– Feeding system (by chain) and drinkers (Outside the nest).

– Cleaning system.

– Climate control system.

– Lighting system.

– Egg collection.

free range hens

Farm equipment for chickens

– Cage for chick rearing, e.g. model Grow.

– Drinking system inside the cells.

– Feeding system (trotter or chain).

– Cleaning system.

– Climate control and heating system.

– Lighting system.


To assemble a farm is not simple and it is necessary to calculate all the measures very well, as well as having the necessary equipment to obtain the optimum production and avoid any losses. In Ganal, throughout our professional trajectory, we have developed many projects, at national and international level, which allows us to advise our clients in an efficient and personalised way. 

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